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Christmas lunch is getting ‘pasta’ joke!

Published in The Vegetarian magazine - Winter 2017



For nine-year-old Bethany from Wiltshire, Christmas lunch at her primary school wasn’t the special and exciting treat it should have been. The only vegetarian option they offered their veggie pupils was macaroni cheese… and lifelong vegetarian Bethany didn’t even like it! So she and her mum decided to get things changed!

Over the years Bethany’s mum had offered to provide alternatives for Bethany when school Christmas lunch rolled around, but this was not permitted by the school. The school cook refused to talk to her about other options. So each year Bethany would endure one of her least favourite meals to avoid missing out on the fun of school Christmas lunch.

This year, however, her mum tried a different approach: she contacted the Vegetarian Society to ask for our help. Our Enquiries and Advocacy service contacted Bethany’s school to ask why the Christmas lunch option for vegetarians was limited to macaroni cheese. We suggested vegetarian pupils could be offered something more traditional, complementing the usual trimmings of a Christmas meal.
One week later, Bethany’s mum received a call from the school saying this year Bethany would be offered a “full vegetarian equivalent” for her Christmas lunch! Bethany’s response when she heard the news was: “Epic!”

But the good news doesn’t end there. The school also contacted the Vegetarian Society to ask for our help in identifying new vegetarian recipes to try across the whole school. We directed them to a number of excellent vegetarian resources, including the School Food Plan and the Children’s Food Trust. Bethany and her classmates may soon be enjoying new vegetarian options throughout the school year!



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