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Grab yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and sit back - the latest edition of your member-exclusive magazine is here. To get yours, join the Vegetarian Society for just £1.75 per month. With our discount card you'll save money on hundreds of products and restaurants, and you'll be part of a fab community making the world a kinder, healthier place. 

I hope you enjoy this month's e-newsletter. We've got news of a letter we sent to the Daily Mail, a hot tip for a place to eat in Leeds, the best pancake recipe ever, and loads more.

All the best,


Simon - Supporter Care Officer


Latest news

An article on the Daily Mail Online recently caught our eye. It was looking at the impact giving up meat had on three British women.

Putting our most open-minded hats on, we proceeded to take a look. With a title of 'Hair loss, chronic exhaustion and even mental breakdowns: How three women ruined their health by giving up MEAT', however, we quickly became rather sceptical. 

We thought the piece had more than a few inaccuracies, so we wrote a short letter to the Daily Mail's Editor. Unfortunately, as yet, they've not published our piece or issued any sort of correction. Have a look at what we said here, and don't forget to share it loudly and proudly to any friends - let's stop those myths.

Why are you vegetarian? That's the question we're asking in preparation for our birthday. The Vegetarian Society is turning 168 on 30 September, and what better occasion to inspire more vegetarians.

You can submit your answer by tweeting @vegsoc or emailing Even better, write your entry on an A4 sheet ('I'm vegetarian because...') and take a photo. We'll then be sharing your submissions with members and supporters, so don't forget to smile!

Have you seen our cookery school's video area?

Learn how to make the most of beetroot, bake a lovely fish-free 'ocean pie' or, if you're an optimist when it comes to the weather, the 'flaming good barbecue' film is worth a watch. 

Dare I say it, the Christmas Pie clip might even be worth a look for those wanting to get some practice in ahead of the festive season...


A Vegetarian Society member recently wrote to us with hot tip for any veggies that find themselves in the fine city of Leeds. Pat, who hails from the town, says Roots and Fruits is the place to be. 

With fairtrade coffee, locally-sourced produce and a menu geared towards the seasons, Roots and Fruits proves that conscientious dining can be delicious.They're in our Vegetarian Society Approved 'Food and Drink Guild' too, so you can dine with absolute confidence. 

Patricia's breakfast pancakes

Sure, it's not Shrove Tuesday. But when pancakes are this good, and this easy, who needs an excuse?

Submitted for the 'Surprisingly simple' recipe competition for National Vegetarian Week a couple of years ago, these are just the ticket for a lazy Sunday morning

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