Bit by bit

Lots of people avoid particular types of animal flesh and, although anyone who still eats some meat or fish is not a vegetarian, they are making a positive step. If you would like to become vegetarian but find it too much to give up all at once, follow these tips to reach your goal.

Bit by bit graphicgreen tickDecide on some clear steps.

Many people give up red meat first, then white meat, like chicken, and finally fish. Whatever pattern you follow, if you really want to be vegetarian, make a clear promise to yourself about when you want to take the next step. It might help to set yourself a finish date and some targets along the way.

green tickIntroduce more vegetarian food into your diet.

Rather than replacing the food you have given up with other kinds of meat or fish, start as you mean to go on and introduce a range of tasty, vegetarian meals instead. To give you a bit of inspiration, why not start with Meat Free Mondays.

green tickInclude the weekend as soon as possible.

You’re more likely to reach your goal of full-time veggie living if you start building the veggie habit into both your weekday and weekend routines.

green tickIncrease your knowledge as you go. 

Learn about vegetarian nutrition to make sure you know how to balance your diet and stay healthy.

green tickGet cooking.

Going vegetarian can open your eyes to a whole new world of ingredients, cooking styles and cuisines – explore it! Search our online recipe database for all sorts of inspiring ideas. With a bit of practice you'll soon become a veggie expert.

green tickJoin the Vegetarian Society

Non-veggies can join as associate members and receive our quarterly magazine, full of recipes, news and inspiration for your vegetarian future. You will be able to convert to full membership when you become a vegetarian.

green tickBe proud of what you are doing.

By reducing your meat intake you're already helping animals, the environment and your own wellbeing, but please don’t tell people you are a vegetarian while you still eat some kinds of meat or fish – it just causes a lot of confusion.   


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