In at the deep end

Many people find that once they have decided they want to be vegetarian, it’s best to just get on with it straight away. If you want to make the most of your resolve, follow the Vegetarian Society's top tips for success:quote

green tickClear out your store cupboard

Get rid of temptation straight away by giving away any meat or fish products to friends, neighbours or perhaps a local charity.

green tickGive yourself a break

Do yourself a favour by buying in some food that you don’t need to make from scratch. Veggie burgers and sausages, frozen veggie products and ready meals can be served with simple side dishes and provide a reliable mealtime option whilst you’re getting to grips with the more complex and exotic flavours you can create with veggie cuisine.

green tickRead up on veggie nutrition.

Make sure you know how to balance your diet and stay healthy.

green tickDo a bit of research.

Find out about the best local cafes, restaurants and shops for vegetarians.Lady shopping 

green tickGet cooking

Going vegetarian can open your eyes to a whole new world of ingredients, cooking styles and cuisines – explore it! Search our online recipe database for all sorts of inspiring ideas. With a bit of practice you'll soon become a veggie expert.

green tickMake friends with local vegetarians.

Join the Vegetarian Society or your nearest veggie group.

green tickRead the labels on the food that you buy. 

You’ll soon get used to which products are suitable for vegetarians and which aren’t, but while you’re new to it all, take a bit more time over your food shopping. See Getting into the details to find out more about how to avoid hidden animal ingredients, or just look for the Vegetarian Society Approved symbol.

green tickBe proud of what you're doing.

Some friends and family might poke fun at you or make jokes. It’s sometimes best to have a laugh with them and join in the banter but be proud of what you’ve done and stick by your decision.


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