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We’re all different so if you want to go, and stay, vegetarian it’s important to find the way that suits you best. 

Some of the most popular ways of making the change in your lifestyle are described on these pages, but whichever route you choose, remember:

going veggiegreen tickEvery meal helps. 

If you don’t feel you can go veggie all at once, feel good about what you are doing to reduce the amount of meat and fish that you eat.

green tickStop and think about what you eat.

It’s not difficult to be a vegetarian, but if you’ve eaten meat all your life it is different. You won’t be healthy if you just swap meat or fish with lots of dairy products. Have a look at our basic vegetarian nutrition page.

green tickAsk for help.

Going vegetarian is exciting and adventurous but it's also a big step. The Vegetarian Society is here to help with lots of advice and resources for new veggies, but you might also find it useful to talk to friends and acquaintances who are vegetarian. You can also find help, support and answers to your questions in our forums.

green tickDownload our guide for new vegetarians: Going Veggie: What to Eat

green tickJoin the Vegetarian Society from just £3 a month.

Three examples of the brilliant change you can be part of as a member:

You’ll get an exclusive magazine, packed with all the latest news on the difference our community is making together. With your support, and the enthusiasm of so many people like you, we have the recipe for real, positive change. Plus: Get discounts at places that believe in a great deal for vegetarians, including Holland & Barrett. 

green tickDon’t give up.

If you find it difficult at first or slip up, don't be too hard on yourself, and remember all the great reasons for being vegetarian. Just give it another go.



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