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Helen knows her onions...

Published in The Vegetarian magazine - Winter 2017



What do you do when a vegetarian-friendly product you’ve used for years suddenly has its vegetarian labelling removed? Well, if you’re Vegetarian Society member Helen Williams, you get investigating…

When Helen (pictured) went to her local Morrisons to purchase their Morrisons Onion Gravy Granules, she discovered the packaging had been changed and was no longer labelled as being suitable for vegetarians. She assumed there had been a change to the ingredients, and contacted both Morrisons and the Vegetarian Society.

When a product’s artwork is redesigned, sometimes the vegetarian labelling, which is not required by law, can be omitted. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as making room for other legally required information.

Our Enquiries and Advocacy service called Morrisons’ customer service team. Morrisons could not explain why the vegetarian labelling had been removed but assured us the onion gravy granules were still vegetarian.

Helen, however, received an email from Morrisons stating the onion gravy granules were no longer vegetarian-friendly. We contacted Morrisons to ask for clarification, pointing out it was extremely important that vegetarians, and others with special dietary needs, are given accurate information, and that these two conflicting responses were a concern.

Two days later Morrisons called Helen. Not only did they confirm the gravy granules are still vegetarian, but also told her they plan to redesign the packaging again to reinstate its vegetarian labelling.

A Morrisons spokesperson told us: “The product has always been made using vegetarian ingredients… it will be without the symbol for a short time – it will reappear at the beginning of next year.”


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