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Joe Wicks' interview + recipes

lentil bolognese

Try these recipes Joe Wicks' new vegetarian recipe book. We've also got an interview with Joe where he chats about his favourite dishes, fitness tips for veggies, and the advantages of a meat-free diet. 

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Your favourite chip shops and the veggie and vegan choices to try

chip shop

We asked our members and supporters, where are the nation’s best chip shops? The ones that go the extra mile with their veggie and vegan choices. Your mouth-watering recommendations ranged from trendy ‘vod’ in Birmingham to classic pie suppers in Blackpool.

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The gifts you love, the gifts you loathe

love loathe veggie present

Unwrapping presents at Christmas can be full of surprises. Sometimes they’re perfect, sometimes you wonder if people really know you at all. We asked you to tell us the gifts you love, and the gifts you loathe, and your responses ranged from the brilliant to the simply bizarre. From veggie spa breaks to frog skin purses, here’s what you said…

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A chat with an Avant-Garde Vegan

gaz oakley

There aren't many vegan chefs who can boast over a quarter of a million followers on Instagram, but one man who can is Gaz Oakley – better known by his online moniker: Avant-Garde Vegan. Although still only 25, Gaz, who hails from Cardiff, has worked in some of the most renowned restaurants in Wales. Alongside bringing a range of tasty and attractive dishes to the Instagram crowd, he also holds an exciting position as executive chef at Vurger Co in London. We managed to speak to him ahead of the release of his latest book, Vegan Christmas...

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The Reform Diet: Suffrage and Vegetarianism


By Helen Antrobus, Programme Officer at the People’s History Museum

Vegetarianism was important to the women campaigning for the vote, so important that they remained as defiant about their diet as they did their political beliefs when they were in jail. But why? How did these two causes fit hand in hand?

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Getting on board with cheese


When is a hunk of cheese, a veggie hunk of cheese? We reveal what makes cheese so delicious and why the Vegetarian Society Approved trademark has never been so essential on food labelling.

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Vegetarian and vegan product reviews - is it time the truth was told?

by Vegetarian Society member, Sally


Everyone has something that gets a bee in their bonnet and veggies and vegans are no different. Sally from Middlesex is ranting about vegetarian and vegan products reviews. Is it time the truth was told? Read more



Eating like a champion

Edwin Moses

What’s more impressive about former Olympian Edwin Moses: that he broke the 400m hurdle World Record three separate times, and won two gold medals in the process? Or that in the meat-reliant world of 1970s top-level athletics, he managed to blow away all competition on a plant-based diet? Read more



Nudging meat-eaters to choose veggie options

nudge theory

A new way of looking at how we behave – and what it means for vegetarians. In October, it was announced the 'father of nudge theory', Richard Thaler won the 2017 Nobel prize in economics. Nudge theory is the concept of 'nudging' people through subtle changes to do things that are in their self-interest. Recently, we have been working with David Hall and Rob Moore from Behaviour Change, an organisation that specialises in this area. Here they give us their insights into how this theory can apply to changes in diet. Read more


Christmas lunch is getting ‘pasta’ joke!


For nine-year-old Bethany from Wiltshire, Christmas lunch at her primary school wasn’t the special and exciting treat it should have been. The only vegetarian option they offered their veggie pupils was macaroni cheese… and lifelong vegetarian Bethany didn’t even like it! So she and her mum decided to get things changed! Read more



Helen knows her onions...


What do you do when a vegetarian-friendly product you’ve used for years suddenly has its vegetarian labelling removed? Well, if you’re Vegetarian Society member Helen Williams, you get investigating… Read more



Could your milk be kinder?

dairy cow

Every day, all over the UK, millions of people reach for a pint of milk to pour over their cereal or to add to their tea or coffee. As a nation, we use 13 million litres of milk each year. Perhaps the main difference we might notice about the label is whether it’s skimmed, semi-skimmed or full fat. But how much do we really know about the milk we are using? Read more



Free-range fun down on the farm!

family fieldOn Tuesday 06 June, an event to promote free-range dairy took place at a dairy farm in Gloucestershire. The event, which was hosted by the community interest company, the Free Range Dairy Network, aimed to give visitors the chance to meet the cows and farmers who produce free-range milk. Read more



Fish: think or swim?

fishAs vegetarians, we know fish are animals and therefore are very much off the menu for anyone following a veggie diet. But how much do we really know about these wonderful aquatic creatures? One person who certainly knows plenty about fish is the ethologist, author and speaker at the Vegetarian Society's KIN event back in 2015, Jonathan Balcombe. Here we take a look at some of the topics discussed in his book: What a Fish Knows. Read more



Facing the Dragons

facing dragonsThey are the brave foodie entrepreneurs who’ve faced up to possibly the most daunting business challenge of all – the fiery panel of investors on BBC TV show Dragons' Den. Each of these products that hoped to inspire an investment from a wealthy Dragon is licensed to display one of our Vegetarian Society Approved trademarks. So how did these intrepid veggie ventures fare – and is an investment from the Dragons crucial for future success? Read more




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