Spread the word about vegetarianism

However strong the arguments for going vegetarian, what really makes the difference is people. We are still a minority, but by standing up for ourselves in a positive way, we can make our mark and help others to enjoy the benefits of meat-free living.

Be an ambassador

We all come up against stereotypes and ignorance. Have the facts at your fingertips and you’ll be able to respond with the kind of calm confidence that will show what a sensible and intelligent choice it is.

Use the media

Don’t sit and seethe when yet another fish-eating “vegetarian” appears on TV; lodge a complaint.  Newspapers, radio stations, TV producers and others in the media are more and more focused on user feedback. Make sure your voice is heard, whether you want to correct an error or put vegetarianism on the agenda through a traditional ‘Letter to the Editor'.

Get on TV, radio and in magazines

The media also often contact the Vegetarian Society looking for veggies and vegans to take part in magazine features, TV programmes, online debates or radio chat.

Get your voice heard and see our current media requests for help.

Spread the word in cyberspace

Whether you blog, tweet, facebook or just surf, vegetarian issues are all over the internet. Take the opportunity to comment online and join our social networks to spread the veggie net even wider. You can follow the Vegetarian Society on Twitter or join us on Facebook.

Be an active consumer

Make sure that the people who make the food you buy know that you expect the best. 

  • If you’re not sure whether your local cafe uses free range eggs in their veggie quiche – just ask. By raising the question, they'll know you care; they may even swap over to free-range eggs as a result.

  • If your local off licence doesn’t know which wines are vegetarian, talk to staff about why this is important to you.

  • If somebody sells you food that isn’t vegetarian when you thought that it was, make a complaint. We have advice on effective ways to complain.

  • Don’t forget to reward good practice too. Buying Vegetarian Society Approved products encourages companies to stick to our high standards and it’s always good to give positive feedback when you get the chance.

Take your principles to work

You’d be surprised how many ways there are to bring vegetarianism into your workplace.

  • Teachers and others who work with young people will find lots of ideas and resources on our young veggie website.

  • Health Professionals and anyone who works with food will find specialist information here. 

  • Everyone can get involved in National Vegetarian Week, especially if your work involves contact with the general public.

Doing more

Joining a local vegetarian group or volunteering for the Vegetarian Society will give you lots of opportunities to do your bit for vegetarianism; whether you want to become a School Speaker, talk to the general public or just spend a bit of time with like minded people.


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