Hints and tips for caterers

Fish is not vegetarian

Please do not offer vegetarians fish. We don't eat fish, prawns, shellfish, or anchovies, even when they are hidden in sauces. A person who follows a vegetarian diet with the addition of fish is called a pescatarian, not a vegetarian.

Choice and variety

Offer a real choice and variety to vegetarians on your menus; vegetarians tend to get an option, rather than a choice. By offering several vegetarian menu items you give guests real choice and could appeal to a wider and more diverse clientele.

Don't stick to the traditional

A lot of vegetarians love lasagne, but not as the only dish whenever we eat out. If lasagne, chilli non carne, stuffed peppers or a tomato and cheese tart feature on your menu as the only choice for vegetarians, you might want to consider that your chef needs some inspiration.    

Sandwiches can be different

Don’t just rely on cheese and egg as sandwich fillings. Not only can they be a bit boring (we get fed a lot of cheese and egg sandwiches) but we might worry that the cheese is not vegetarian friendly and that the eggs were not free range. To get out of your egg and cheese rut visit our recipe database for great filling ideas.

Reducing environmental impact

We are all under pressure to reduce our carbon footprints and look after our beautiful earth, but did you know that by serving vegetarian food in your establishment you can help? Get a copy of our publication ‘Why it’s green to go vegetarian’ for the facts.

Training for chefs and caterers

The Vegetarian Society Cookery School offers a professionally recognised Diploma in vegetarian cuisine for chefs and caterers, covering every aspect of catering for vegetarians and vegans. Call 0161 925 2014 for more details.

Sort out and stock up

Sort out your store cupboard. Do you need to get hold of a veggie Worcester sauce, free range eggs, an alternative to gelatine or a veggie Parmesan cheese? 

Don’t assume that all drinks are vegetarian. Many wines and beers are not vegetarian, as they use finings from animal ingredients such as gelatine and isinglass which should not be used in the production of vegetarian food. We can help you find all manner of veggie supplies. Visit our Vegetarian Society Approved pages for more information.


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