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•    Oleic acid – fatty acid from either vegetable/animal fats, used in cosmetics.
•    Pepsin - enzyme found in animals gastric juice, may be used in cheese making, see Cheese Production
•    Photography - photographic film uses gelatine and some high quality photo papers.
•    Rennet - an enzyme taken from the stomach of a newly killed calf used in the cheese making process, see Cheese Production
•    Restaurants – may serve non-vegetarian cheese, battery eggs, stock. See Food & Drink Guild for local restaurants.
•    Seedling Symbol - products carrying the Vegetarian Society's seedling symbol have been thoroughly checked to ensure they are suitable for vegetarians.

•    Shellac - A resin secreted by the female lac bug. See FAQ's page.

•    Shoes - Quality synthetic shoes are becoming more widely available.

•    Silk - harvesting silk used in clothing causes the death of the silk worm, see  Clothing

•    Soap – can contain sodium tallowate which is derived from animal fat. Glycerin, and stearic acid in soap can be of animal origin, though are often plant derived or synthetic.

•    Sodium tallowate - made from rendered animal fat (tallow) and found in soap.

•    Soft Drinks – some orange drinks use gelatine (not listed in the ingredients) as a carrier for added Beta Carotene, see E-Numbers.

•    Stearic Acid – see E-Numbers

•    Stock - may contain animal fat.

•    Suet - may be made from animal fat, vegetable versions are available.

•    Sweets – may contain gelatine/E120.

•    Tallow - rendered animal fat, similar to lard, usually derived from cows or sheep. Used in traditional candle making and, in the form of sodium tallowate, in soap production. The English polymer five pound note issued in September 2016 contains tallow.

•    Toothpaste - some brands contain glycerine. See E-number 422  for more information.

•    Vegan - The Vegan Society produces ‘The Animal Free Shopper’ which lists products suitable for vegans.
•    Vitamin D3 – derived from the lanolin from sheeps' wool therefore only D3 which is guaranteed sourced from wool sheared from live sheep is considered acceptable.

•    Whey/Whey Powder – by product of cheese making, see Cheese Production

•    Wool – see Clothing

•    Worcester Sauce - most brands contain anchovies though vegetarian versions are available.

•    Yoghurts - some low fat yoghurts may contain gelatine.

Last updated September 2015

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