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Hints and tips for vegetarians

  • The Vegetarian Society Cookery School offers an array of leisure workshops and classes to suit even the seasoned vegetarian. 

  • Join us! Staff at the Vegetarian Society are on hand to ensure you will be provided with comprehensive information on just about every aspect of vegetarianism.  A range of experts are available to answer questions raised by new and existing members. There are many other benefits of becoming a member, including discounts at shops, restaurants and organisations across the UK. 

  • Ask your fellow vegetarians. Check out our forum pages for tips from other veggies or contact your local group to meet like minded members.

  • Get yourself a copy of our publications Healthy Eating for Vegetarians and V-Healthy to make sure your body is getting all the fuel it needs. 

    V-healthy booklet 
  • Don’t rely on any old V symbol. The labelling of vegetarian food can mean different things to different people and organisations. Visit the Vegetarian Society Approved website to find out more about our official approval symbol and the thousands of products that carry it

  • Understand ingredients: Read the labels and check out the ingredients to ensure you are eating animal-free. Our fact sheets will help you.

  • Think about eggs. If you only want to eat free range or organic eggs then you may want to be careful when eating ready prepared food. If the ingredients contain eggs and do not specify that they are free range, they will undoubtedly be battery or barn eggs.

  • There are many vegetarian and even vegan cheeses out there, but be aware there are also many cheeses which are not suitable for vegetarian diets as they contain calf’s rennet. Parmesan is a cheese not suitable for vegetarians and you can find out more about our parmesan campaign here.

  • Make some time to check out your local wholefood store. Not only will this be an inspiration but you may find some unusual or new products to try. Similarly, make sure you investigate the vegetarian aisle of the supermarket.

  • Vegetarians deserve a treat too. Make sure you treat yourself to dinner in a restaurant sometime soon and leave the washing up to someone else. Our Food and Drink Guild can tell you all the approved restaurants in your area

  • The only veggie in the family? Try making some meaty style dishes which are easy to make vegetarian using products such as veggie mince. Spaghetti bolognaise, cottage pie and chilli are easy-peasy. Do you think the family will notice the difference?

  • Try to use foods which are in season to save you money and food miles. Your local farmers market is a great place to discover fresh fruit and veg.

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