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We want to encourage debate and allow discussions to flow so we politely request that you stick to the guidelines listed below. If you stray outside the boundaries then we will remove postings.   If you post very offensive material or repeatedly ignore the guidelines we will ban you from posting altogether.

Staff will only post comments on the forums to correct a misconception or to offer specific information.

Content - general

Rude, abusive or offensive language is not acceptable.  Swearing is not generally appropriate and messages including language that is offensive to particular groups or individuals will also be removed.

Mild bad language in titles will be removed.  Thread titles are picked up easily by search engines so even if the context makes the title innocent we will remove it to protect the reputation of the Vegetarian Society and this website.

Political propaganda must not be included.  Our forums are not here to promote any political opinion and as a charity we cannot provide a platform for political parties, however closely their policies may be aligned with issues relating to vegetarianism.  We recognise that political decisions may trigger a genuine thread of interest to the vegetarian community but please refrain from promoting or condemning any specific political position.

Private information should remain private.  Please don’t post any private or personal information about people you know without asking their permission first.

Crude and sexist postings are not acceptable and will be removed.

Unqualified links should not be included.  Please don’t just post a link without explaining where this goes, and the sort of content it links to. Anything that goes to websites deemed to be inappropriate (against these guidelines) will be removed.

Please don’t forward someone else’s post to other forums or lists without first getting the permission of the original author.

Personal complaints and grievances against individuals must not be posted on these forums. If you have a grievance or think someone is being rude then please let us know using our ‘report abuse’ form.

The posting of personal information on a discussion board means your information is publicly accessible. Such information can be viewed online and collected by third parties. We are not responsible for the privacy of any identifiable information that you post on our forums.

Content – Promotion, research and advertising

Forums are not a cheap form of advertising.  We don’t allow any form of commercial promotion or advertising on these forums, including posting a link to your own commercial website.  If you are interested in finding out about advertising in our members’ magazine then please have a look here. If you have an interest in advertising on the site then please email

Commercial market research is not permitted, however project questionnaires from students are allowed.  Threads asking for feedback on business ideas or threads that are intended to carry out market research are not allowed

Complaints about third party businesses are not appropriate.  Please don’t post a public complaint about a business that you have a grievance with. The Vegetarian Society cannot afford to be held legally responsible for libel, so even if you feel your complaint is justified please don’t air it here - follow the advice on our Consumer Support pages.

Looking for a job?  Sorry, this is not the place to post your CV.

Content - General Election

Please note: Due to the regulations relating to elections, we have certain legal obligations under electoral and charity regulations. To maintain our neutrality as a registered charity we would ask that you do not post party political comments on the forums. This includes comments for and against parties, individual candidates or types of candidate. All political posts, as judged by us, will be removed.

Posting style

UPPERCASE please try not to use this, it looks like you’re shouting and is also difficult to read

Unclear thread titles – please try to relate your title to the post you’ve written so people know what to expect.

Hijacking threads – please don’t try and change the subject of a thread. Instead start a new one with a relevant title so people know what to expect and can search for relevant topics.

User profiles

Please be aware that the name that you give on registration is the name that will appear on your post (first name surname) as opposed to your ‘Username.’

Moderating questions

Why has my post been deleted? If you feel your post has been deleted and it hasn’t contravened any of the above then please email


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