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Should I eat meat?  The Big Health Dilemma


18 August 2014

Tonight the BBC’s Horizon programme is asking the question ‘Should I eat meat? – The Big Health Dilemma.’ The Horizon programme’s pre publicity says that in the first episode Dr Michael Mosley seeks to establish the truth about meat. Are those barbecue favourites like burgers and sausages really that bad? Should we all go vegetarian instead?

Ahead of the programme the Vegetarian Society was invited onto several regional BBC radio stations to discuss how a well-balanced vegetarian diet is kind to the planet, your health and animals. 

Commenting on the topic John Soonaye, Head of Communications at the Vegetarian Society, said: “A well-balanced vegetarian diet is a healthy choice, and has never been easier to adopt. The debate about vegetarian diet often cites myths about potential deficiencies, however, it is misleading for people to assume that by eating meat their nutritional needs are being met. Everyone needs to eat a healthy balanced diet, and this can be achieved perfectly well without eating meat.

“According to the latest figures from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey, the average UK adult obtains the majority of the nutrients people readily associate with meat, such as protein and iron, from foods that are included in a vegetarian diet.

“Vegetarian food is varied, interesting and tasty – and choosing to go meat-free can have a positive impact on animal welfare, people’s health, and on the planet. 

“If, following tonight’s BBC programme, more people decide to cut out or even reduce the amount of meat they eat, we see this as a positive step.”

For anyone looking for nutritional information, delicious recipe ideas or tips on going veggie or reducing your meat intake then the Vegetarian Society’s website is a great resource. Visit for advice and inspiration. 

The Vegetarian Society, founded in 1847, inspires and supports people to be vegetarian. The charity organises National Vegetarian Week, runs the Cordon Vert vegetarian cookery school, and provides services to support those pursuing a vegetarian way of life, including the Vegetarian Society Approved trademark scheme. Find out more at 

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