Cookery School

The Junk Food Vegan

From: £75.00

Morning [11am-2pm] :  14 March, 3 April, 26 July 2020 

Afternoon [4pm-7pm]: 3 May, 2020

School run friendly  [10:30am-1:30pm] 25 March, 22 April, 11 June 2020

The vegan junk food scene is getting more creative by the minute. Readily available vegan ingredients are now making it possible for you to make the kind of incredible overindulgent food that gets you drooling simply by reading the menu.

On this unique half-day experience, we will show you how to make your own seitan ribs, create fully-stacked burgers accompanied by loaded fries, knock up a vegan mac ‘n’ cheese, and much more.

Recipes we are likely to make include:

  • Vegan ‘Bacon’
  • Seitan Ribs
  • BBQ Chilli Sauce
  • Loaded Fries
  • Black Bean Burger
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Jackfruit Kebabs

Above recipes are subject to availability of ingredients.

Feeling hungry yet? With tutor demos, group cooking sessions, and a recipe pack to take home, you will be able to satisfy your junk food cravings from what’s in your own kitchen in no time!

What to expect…

We welcome students of all abilities, so whatever your current skill level, you’ll fit right in. And you don’t have to be veggie to enjoy our courses – everyone’s welcome! Our cookery experiences will help you hone your cooking skills in a fun and friendly atmosphere. You’ll dive right in with hands-on practical cookery sessions, under the expert guidance of our experienced tutors, who will share their wealth of knowledge with you. Attendee numbers are kept small so you’ll have maximum contact with the tutors – and there will be plenty of opportunities throughout the day to ask any questions you may have.

What else you need to know…

We have lots of free car parking available on site. If you’re getting here by public transport, we are only a short taxi ride or a 20 minute walk from Altrincham bus station/train station/Metrolink (Altrincham line). Here’s our address: Vegetarian Society Cookery School, Parkdale, Altrincham, Greater Manchester, WA14 4QG.

As soon as you get here, we’ll make sure you’ve got a cup of tea or freshly-brewed coffee to help make you feel right at home (and we also have a water cooler if hot drinks aren’t your thing). We’ll make sure refreshments are provided throughout the day – there’s no need to bring any with you.

We have Vegetarian Society Cookery School aprons for students to use on the courses – and if you really like them, they are available to purchase at the school.
Throughout the day, there are lots of opportunities to take photos/videos (which are great for sharing on social media), so feel free to get your phones or cameras out and snap away! The only thing we ask is that you check with the other students if they are in any photos you want to put on social media.

If you have any other questions about your course, you can always give us a call on 0161 925 2000 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday) – we’re happy to help.

And finally: enjoy yourself!

Additional information

Times & Dietary Information

Daytime: 11.00am-2.00pm

Evening: 6.00pm-9:00pm

Unfortunately this course is not adaptable for a gluten free diet.

135 reviews for The Junk Food Vegan

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    Clearly explained, easy to follow. Go for it and bring tupperware!

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    Informative, and very friendly instructor

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    Opens your mind about vegan cooking and ideas

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    Very informative, friendly environment

  8. Ellie

    Tasty recipes and great, clear instruction

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    Loads of info recipes and cooking packed into the course

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    Great range of food made, though it was the junk food nothing seemed crazily unhealthy. All food tasted great and could be made to our taste.

  11. Natasha

    Maz was an amazing teacher. Really enjoyed and food was amazing.

  12. Neil

    The course was so interesting and the tutor was excellent. Thought provoking with regard to what vegetarian food can be.

  13. Andy

    Had a really good time. Do it, it’s great!

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    Great food and good recipe ideas- I’d recommend.

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    Fun and informative.

  16. K

    Great recipes, tasty ideas!

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    Very inclusive, informal and fun

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    I’ve gained a better understanding of vegan food and indeed some delicious recipes!

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    Very fun and helpful.

  20. Gemma

    Fantastic teacher, wonderful environment, delicious food!

  21. Sarah

    Easy to follow, absolutely recommend to anyone at any stage!

  22. Hannah

    Fabulous host and beautiful food

  23. Deborah

    Tutor is a very pleasant person, making the whole experience so much more pleasant.

  24. Rishi

    Great teacher great food

  25. Chantelle

    Great recipes and tutor it was a birthday present from my son. well worth attending.

  26. Deepak

    very Friendly and this course has built my confidence.

  27. muckle

    Very good instructions and choice of food to cook. great menus and Cooking saitan ribs and jack fruit.

  28. Sarah

    Instructor very good and friendly.

  29. Louisa

    Good fun

  30. Dinah

    Really fun and relaxing course. Give it a go!

  31. Georgina C

    Would definitely recommend. Do it!

  32. Lesley

    Easy to follow,well instructed, tasty food.

  33. Jane

    Educational and fun

  34. Alison

    Its great!!

  35. Kath

    Great teacher! Lovely recipes. Lots of interaction

  36. Sasha

    Enjoyed learning about new things and trying new flavours

  37. Holly

    V interesting and engaging

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    Lovely recipes, easy to do at home. Knowledgeable tutors

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    Lots of variety and clear friendly instructions

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    Fun and educational. Will defo recommend to friends

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    Really good balance of interesting recipes and helpful tips and tricks

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    Excellent instructor, made it fun and everything was easy to follow.

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    So well organised, brilliant recipes, loved every minute!

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    Very tasty

  46. David F

    New worthwhile info after 46 years veggie / vegan

  47. Samantha

    Definitely try it

  48. Lesley

    The teacher was very helpful, organised and friendly. The class was small (8) so it didn’t feel intimidating. Thank you!

  49. David

    Great recipes and good chef

  50. Pip

    Fun and informative

  51. Louisa

    Brilliant, enthusiastic teacher and fabulous food

  52. Hillary

    I learned some new recipes and things i would not have thought to mak

  53. Kate

    It was lots of fun and our group was very friendly ! Maz was fantastic and made it fun and but educational🙌 ill definitely be coming back and letting my friends know how great it is👍👌

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    Great course – good amount of time, well hosted.

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    Friendly, helpful,informative and enjoyable 🙂

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    Very good course, great food and friendly.

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    Do it and come hungry!

  58. John

    Really good course. Very knowledgeable teachers fun and still informative.

  59. Stephanie

    Amazing, our two chefs were wonderful and full of knowledge

  60. Alex

    Really hands on course, explained reasons behind each process and even advised where to buy ingredients from and pricing. Really fun day! 🙂

  61. Dawn

    Really interactive and well organised

  62. Paul

    Great knowledgeable and enthusiastic tutor

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    Easy to follow well paced and well taught

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    Get stuck in and have fun

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  85. George


  86. Neil

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    Was a lot of fun and very interesting.

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    The whole session was friendly, easy to follow and really good fun.

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    This course has added a new dimension to my cooking.

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    Very informative and enjoyable.

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    Highly recommended, great fun, nice staff.

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    Lovely teachers, felt relaxed and friendly. It’s suitable for all levels of cooking skills so I’d recommend people to book on!

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