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Roots Vegetarian/Vegan Support Group

c/o Mr S Dixon, Diversity Team, HMP Usk, 47 Maryport Street, Usk, Monmouthshire, NP15 1XP
Meets the third Friday of every month at the chapel (not a public meeting)


Vegetarian Cycling & Athletic Club

David VCAC.athleticssecretary@gmail.com
web: http://www.vegetariancac.org/
e-group: http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/vegetariancac/.

A national club that publicises the benefits of a vegetarian/vegan diet in a sporting arena both competitively and to improve fitness. Members meet at open events in running, cycling and multisport. Affiliated to sports governing bodies.



Heather Shepherd, veggieshepherd@virginmedia.com   e-group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/VegParentsUk and on Facebook.

An email group for vegan and vegetarian parents around the UK. Primarily aimed at the parents of babies, toddlers, and pre-teen children. It is intended to be a friendly place to chat, swap news and advice, and to give support to each other.


Veg With M{.}E{.}:

Hilary Ball, Tel/fax: 01889 507 274.
email: hilary.dp@virgin.net 

Veg With M{.}E{.} was started in 2009 and is exclusively for vegetarians and vegans who suffer from ME and/or MCS and have little or no social contact due to the severity of the illness. Hopefully Veg With M{.}E{.} will provide a contact point for veg*ns who are bed and housebound as there does not appear to be anything out there for us. Please bear in mind that I am a severe sufferer of both ME and MCS amongst other things when you are trying to contact me. Thank you.


Ethics and Health Foundation


Emma Cox, email: info@labl.org.uk web: www.labl.org.uk

Group running the LABL (Live A Better Life) Fair vegan events and also active online.


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Local Contacts for the Vegetarian Society

Please remember that all groups are run by volunteers and are entirely self-funded. They generally welcome enquiries from individuals interested in joining their group or attending an event, or enquiries about local vegetarian facilities. 


Our printed materials are kept in our head office, so if you are looking for our printed materials, please order them from the resources pages rather than asking a local contact to post them to you. 


If you have any general or technical enquiries please contact our Enquiries and Advocacy Service via info@vegsoc.org


Please note that local groups' views are their own and not representative of the Vegetarian Society. For all media enquiries please contact our Communications team via 0161 925 2000 or press@vegsoc.org


Students looking for help with course work on vegetarianism can find information here 


If you wish to circulate news of a relevant event please contact local@vegsoc.org so we can pass it on via our newsletter or e-list. 


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