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Vegetarians are defined by the food that they choose not to eat. Whatever their reasons for being meat-free, vegetarians don't eat any kind of animal. Vegetarians do, however, enjoy a varied, tasty and nutritious diet.

The Vegetarian Society’s extensive recipe database includes dishes for every taste and occasion, including vegan, gluten free and other special diets. Most are suitable for family meals, but you can also search the database for catering recipes.

Vegetarian Society Approved products and caterers carry the charity’s trademark so you can be sure they meet our exacting standards.

Our Cordon Vert School trains professional chefs and ordinary people to cook extraordinary vegetarian food.

V-Healthy is our seven day meal plan for everyone who wants to feel better about what they eat.

The Vegetarian Society also offers expert guidance on vegetarian nutrition, ideas for seasonal specialities and hints and tips for anyone cooking for vegetarians, whether at home or as a professional caterer.




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