Did you know that farmed animals produce more greenhouse gas emissions (18%) than the world's entire transport system (13.5%)? 


Makes you think doesn't it? That was the idea behind the Vegetarian Society's Silent But Deadly campaign, launched in September 2007. The Vegetarian Society created posters, postcards and t-shirts to highlight the campaign, which was a great success.

CowsHere are a few more livestock facts from the Vegetarian Society's fully referenced guide, Why It's Green to Go Vegetarian:   

  • There are approximately 1.5 billion cattle and 1.7 billion sheep on the planet. A single cow can produce as much as 500 litres of methane per day.

  • Methane has 23 times the global warming impact of CO2 and cows and sheep are responsible for 37% of the total methane generated by human activity.

  • The animals we rear for meat also account for 64% of all the ammonia that humans impose on our precious atmosphere, significantly contributing to acid rain.


A vegetarian or vegan diet is significantly less harmful to the environment than a carnivorous diet. Cut the meat, cut the emissions.


Silent But Deadly campaign materials


Silent but deadly posters and postcardsYou can help promote the campaign by ordering free posters and postcards to use at events, hand out to friends or display the poster.

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