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The Vegetarian Society provides a complete information service for anyone with concerns or questions about vegetarian lifestyles, health and nutrition. Whether you’re looking for information for yourself or for someone else, we can help.


In the Health and Nutrition section you will find clear and easy-to-follow guidance on how to meet your nutritional needs, how a vegetarian diet can help with some medical conditions and what to do if your doctor suggests you cut out meat.

When you need to work out whether or not a product is suitable for vegetarians see our Consumer Support pages. This section is also helpful if you have a complaint or comment about a manufacturer, retailer or food outlet.

If you want to know more about livestock rearing, farm animal welfare and welfare food labelling schemes take a look at our Animal Welfare factsheets where you can explore some of the ethical questions about where our food comes from and why some people choose to be vegan (completely free of animal products).

Our food choices don’t just affect ourselves and animals, what we eat has also an impact on the planet. See our Environmental factsheets on the impact of meat, fish and reducing our carbon footprint as vegetarians. 

Help for Professionals outlines the support we can provide for teachers, caterers, health professionals and anyone working with families, older people or people from ethnic minorities. A range of Business Opportunities is available for anyone offering a product or service for vegetarians. 

A wide range of materials is available to order or download in our Resources section.


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