In this Fact Sheet: Number of Vegetarians in the UK, Industry Sales Figures, Public attitudes/behaviours and Meat consumption figures in the UK 

More details on statistics, including the full National Diet and Nutrition survey report, can be found on the NatCen website.

The statistical information on this page represents the most recent and accurate figures that we have available about the number of vegetarians living in the UK. As a charity we rely on the work of other organisations, like the Office for National Statistics and Mintel, for our statistical information. These organisations have not undertaken new surveys focusing on the vegetarian population in recent years, which is why the statistics on this page date back to 2012.

Our current position is that the number of people in the UK who maintain a vegetarian or vegan diet 100% of the time still holds at 2% - 3% of the population. Although some recent surveys may suggest otherwise, in our experience, statistics that reflect much higher numbers of vegetarians have not clearly defined “vegetarian” as part of the study, or the results include people who are vegetarian “some of the time” or who eat fish or chicken.

SHOPPERSAccording to the NDNS survey which was published in 2012: 2% of adults and children are vegetarian (not eating meat or fish)*, this amounts to over 1.2 million individuals of a UK population of 62.3 million**. (*National Diet and Nutrition Survey, 2012. ** Office for National Statistics). 
The meat-free and free-from food markets reached an estimated total of £949 million in 2012*, (*Mintel 'Meat-free and Free-from foods' 2012)
Recent figures for the amount of meat* consumed by individuals in the UK is 79.3kg per year (217g/day, 131g of red meat). (* not inclusive of fish)

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