True cost of Christmas banner

True cost of Christmas banner

The True Cost of Christmas

Get involved and help save the birds this winter and in the future too.

Baubles Help others to discover the true cost of a traditional Christmas and the fabulous veggie alternative by hanging our Crafty Christmas Baubles on a tree near you. These double-sided card baubles aim to catch the eye with a friendly festive message, before bringing people to this website to find out more. The baubles come in sheets of four (two each of two different designs and are available to order today, free of charge.

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We also need your shares, tweets, writing skills to help spread the facts about the plight of birds over the winter celebrations. Here’s how you can help:

  • Tweet brief facts and figures from the webpages and include a link
  • Tweet out the address of the site and include #savethebirdsthiswinter
  • Comment on articles you see about birds or festive food, feel free to use some of the content below (taken from our press release) to post comments online or to write to your local paper.


Save the birds this winter - the True Cost of Christmas

Where have all the birds gone this winter?  The UK is a nation of bird lovers – feeding them, watching them and worrying about them - especially if they live in our gardens.

Turkeys tend not to live in gardens, or get fed by kind-hearted bird lovers. In fact in the UK alone, about 10 million turkeys will not make it through the winter, because they will be slaughtered for festive feasting.  Farmed turkeys are normally killed between 9 and 24 weeks old - while wild turkeys naturally live to around 10 years.

Each year bird lovers look forward to the return of thousands of wintering geese to UK shores.  At the same time cooks rush to rustle up roast potatoes basted in goose fat. Around 15 million geese and ducks were killed in the UK in 2011 for their meat, fat and feathers.

For a nation of bird lovers we don’t really do a good job of saving the birds.  It’s time the UK looked at the true cost of Christmas and realised that a delicious festive feast needn’t cause any harm coming to our feathered friends. Visit to find out more about the plight of animals at Christmas.

Download the full True Cost of Christmas report at or call 0161 925 to receive a copy.

For festive inspiration visit

Thank you for your helping us to get the message out – save the birds this winter.


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