Our Board of Trustees

A look at the Vegetarian Society's governing body

David BennettDavid Bennett (Chair)

First appointed 10 September 2011

David Bennett is a graduate of London University and a Chartered Surveyor. He spent most of his working life in the London area but now lives in Lincolnshire. David has been a committed vegetarian for over 50 years and has been the Chair of the Vegetarian Society since September 2013. Among his other interests David includes education and he has been extensively involved in school governance for over 30 years.


Katharine BagshawKatharine Bagshaw

First appointed 26 October 2015

With over 20 years’ experience as a chartered accountant, Katharine Bagshaw brings an extensive knowledge of regulatory processes and committee work. Interested in whole food vegetarian diets with simple food that doesn’t take a lot of preparation or processing, that is sourced in the UK wherever possible, she has worked for a long time towards a barcode-free freezer. She encourages people to make any step they can towards being vegetarian, however small, however late in life and regardless of how often they have tried in the past.


Cathryn BradleyCathryn Bradley

First appointed 17 December 2015

Cathryn Bradley is an Executive Director leading a global organisation based in multiple countries. A vegan for over a year, Cathryn is passionate about animal welfare, sustainable lifestyles, and the impact of diet and nutrition on physical and mental health. Cathryn is also completing an Open University degree in Psychology.


Clare CrowtherClare Crowther

First appointed 19 September 2009

With a director-level background in marketing and business development, Clare Crowther has helped organisations to change and develop for nearly 20 years. Being vegetarian is very important to Clare – she believes it is a kinder and more considerate way to live. Clare is keen to ensure a secure and prosperous future for the organisation and the vegetarians it supports.


Michael HarriotMichael Harriott

First appointed 17 November 2014

Vegetarian of 32 years, Michael Harriot is a member of the Co-operative National Members Council. He is also Chair of a Community Book Co-operative, which runs a second-hand bookshop and online store. He has worked in the charitable sector for 19 years, and set up a local family service charity in 1998. Michael currently works for HMRC in a tax compliance role.


Dale HoylandDale Hoyland

First appointed 26 October 2015

Having worked for a national environmental and sustainability charity for a decade, Dale Hoyland has developed key skills including strategic development, project and financial management, and facilitation. He now works on innovative preventative healthcare projects and solutions to tackle climate change. Dale has one daughter, is (very almost) a life-long vegetarian and is keen to help others initially reduce their meat consumption then support them to become vegetarian / vegan.


Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson

First appointed 17 December 2015

Andrew Johnson worked for over ten years in project management and IT, after which he started, ran and later sold his own business. For the last five years, he has worked as a lawyer and deputy company secretary with a leading insurance company. Andrew, his wife and his three children are all vegetarians..


Debbie JonesDebbie Jones

First appointed 15 September 2007

Debbie Jones is a freelance travel writer and journalist, writing under the pen name Olivia Greenway. A former delicatessen owner and caterer, she takes a keen personal interest in food production, chefs and cooking practices, especially those with a vegetarian angle. Occasionally writing food stories and conducting interviews, she is a regular restaurant reviewer. She became a vegetarian back in 1980, therefore is a good home cook by default.


Peter MorrallPeter Morrall

First appointed 10 September 2011

Peter Morrall is an academic and author, and Associate Professor in Health Sociology at the University of Leeds specialising in madness. He is also a published author on sociology and mental health. Peter has been vegetarian since 1986 citing various reasons including not wanting animals to suffer, concerns for the planet, and because it is a healthy choice for him. In his free time he rides his motorcycle and plays the saxophone.



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