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Are your customers

falling out of love with meat this Christmas?

 4 December 2014


With Christmas approaching around 20% of the population could be considering a meat free Christmas! Will your customers be happy with your menu?

The festive season is getting closer and in 2014 eating meat appears to be on the decline, with as many as one in five people in Britain saying they are eating less meat than a year ago. According to the results of a YouGov survey published this week around 20% of British adults have cut back on the amount of meat they eat over the last year, and around one in three people (35%) say they are willing to consider eating less meat.

The report of the findings, entitled “Let’s talk about meat: changing dietary behaviour for the 21st century”, concludes that despite strong evidence of the benefits for health and climate change associated with eating less meat; governments and most food companies are not actively supporting this.

Lynne Elliot, Chief Executive of the Vegetarian Society, said: “We welcome this research as a positive step in the right direction, and the trends we are seeing in our organisation reflect these findings and are set to continue in 2015. We’ve also had a great deal of interest in our online veggie Christmas section.

Lynne continues “We hope this research will now encourage the government and other organisations to actively support people to choose this healthier, kinder and more sustainable lifestyle. However far along people are on the journey to giving up meat, we are here to support them. Our Cordon Vert cookery school provides support to chefs who need to increase their meat-free ranges. We often find that many of our members reduced the amount of meat they ate before they became vegetarian, and selecting meat-free alternatives – even for those who do eat meat –is an increasing market trend.

 The Eating Better report makes a number of recommendations for government, public health bodies, food businesses, researchers and civil society organisations. These include an updated Eatwell Plate and guidance about reducing meat consumption, encouragement for businesses to increase their meat-free provision, and research/funding into reducing meat consumption – all of which the Vegetarian Society welcomes.  


Notes to editors

  • For more information or interviews please contact Su on 0161 925 2012 /  
  • Veggie Christmas recipes and images are available free of charge – please contact Su. Visit
  • More information on the Eating Better report is  available here  



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