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Celebrate World Meat-Free Day –

head to KIN 2015 for a feast of ideas for only £20!


11 June 2015



To celebrate World Meat-Free Day on June 15 book your ticket to KIN 2015 for just £20!

World Meat-Free Day is all about taking one small step for our planet and KIN 2015 is all about how those steps can help the planet, animals and people.

KIN 2015 is a feast of ideas packed into a day!

Lynne Elliot, Chief Executive, the Vegetarian Society said, “If you enjoy TED talks then KIN2015 is just right for you. KIN is about sparky conversations, fascinating facts and new ways to think. The theme is food and we’ve all got a point of view. KIN isn’t a family fun day - it’s a fact day - it’s about animal welfare, the environment, the planet, food and our choices. It’s time to dive into new ideas, trigger thoughts and get those grey cells working. So if World Meat-Free Day has made you take one small step, take another and head to”   

For details of speakers, tickets and venue please visit

The Vegetarian Society’s KIN 2015 is being held in Manchester on Saturday 11 July 2015.  It’s about the food choices we make - the food we eat, the way it’s produced and the impacts on our health, animals and our planet.

A selection of the world’s leading thinkers and experts will be coming together to discuss, debate and to share insights and understanding on some of the key issues faced by all of us. Check out KIN 2015 and step into a feast of ideas.


Notes to editors 

  • For more media information about KIN - please contact Su on 0161 925 2012 email   visit
  • Children are welcome to attend Kin 2015 although they will not be specifically catered for. We would suggest that the nature of the event lends itself to children over the age of 13.
  • The Vegetarian Society is a registered charity
  • World Meat-Free Day promotion – limited offer until midnight on 19th June! 




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