Latest diploma students from the Vegetarian Society’s cookery school

12 September 2014

The Vegetarian Society’s cookery school Cordon Vert is pleased to announce the two latest graduates from the Cordon Vert Professional Chef’s Diploma programme as Gavin Kellett from Surrey and Jackie Phillips from Kent.


 Jackie & Gavin


On gaining their Cordon Vert Professional Diploma the chefs chatted about the course experience.

Gavin Kellett, Head Chef at the Manor House, Godalming said, “I now know what vegetarians and vegans need for a balanced diet. I’ve also been introduced to many new weird and wonderful ingredients such as braised tofu, breadfruit, ackee and cream made from nuts. It’s easy to create good food for everyone and vegetarian customers deserve the same amount of effort.”  

Jackie Phillips, an enthusiastic vegan cook, is passionate about food and looking to empower others. On completing the diploma Jackie said, “I’ve discovered a whole new world of flavours, diverse recipes and ingredients which I’m looking forward to showcasing. The course was challenging but really exciting at the same time, I’m looking forward to creating wonderful food for others.”   

The chefs received their diplomas following completion of the course which includes information on nutrition, ingredients, international cuisine, use of meat alternatives and lots of practical cooking sessions. They also conjured up a three-course meal in a set time with limited ingredients and dietary restrictions.

Cordon Vert trains chefs from all walks of life – helping them to increase their vegetarian expertise and knowledge. Cordon Vert Professional Diploma courses take place throughout the year. To find out more call Jonathan on 0161 925 2014 email or visit

Notes to editors
• For more information and images (of the school, chefs and their dishes) please contact Su or John on 0161 925 2012 /or 


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