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8 April 2015


Food always tastes better when it’s shared and food sharing initiatives are on the rise in Britain and across the world. What’s involved? Nothing more complicated than ordinary people cooking for each other, eating together and getting to know each other. This May, get together and host a veggie food event, share your favourite veggie dishes with friends, family, work colleagues, community groups and the big wide world. To help there’s a free Share toolkit to inspire and guide, it’s packed with tips, ideas, recipes and information to get you started. Visit to download your copy. 


Lynne Elliot, Chief Executive of the Vegetarian Society, said: “Sharing food brings people together and we are encouraging people to cook for each other, for friends, colleagues, for the local community and for good causes. There’s no better way to celebrate veggie food and discover how you can be kinder to animals, the planet and yourself.”


National Vegetarian Week 18-24 May 2015, is sponsored by ‘Nothing But snacks.’


The Vegetarian Society organises National Vegetarian Week, runs its own vegetarian cookery school and provides services to support those pursuing a veggie way of life, including the Vegetarian Society approved trademark scheme. Find out more at    



Notes for editors

  • For more media information – on sharing, brand new recipes, going veggie and our NVW tour - please contact Su on 0161 925 2012 email mobile 07973 108 165, visit
  • We’ve lots of other great recipe ideas to get you sharing - lemon and lime dal, pasta salad, quick kidney bean burgers, Thai mushroom soup with wontons, artichoke and asparagus paella, gorgeous gumbo stew, a chocolatey chilli, pizza, sharing salad and surprise brownies.  
  • For ideas on sharing  see here.  
  • The ‘Nothing But’ range includes - Beetroot and Parsnip; Pea and Sweetcorn; Mange Tout and Red Pepper;  Apple and Fig; Strawberry and Banana and Grape and Pineapple

5 facts on freeze drying:

  • Most people already consume freeze dried goods - the largest freeze dried product in the world is instant coffee but many food products like cereals now include freeze dried fruit.
  • In the USA freeze dried fruit and vegetable snacks are very popular and are already in every supermarket. 
  • Freeze dried fruit maintains its taste and essential nutrients - all that’s been removed is about 85-90% of its weight which was water. Nothing else is added. 
  • Freeze dried fruit and vegetables have a great fresh taste and have a much longer shelf life so reduce wastage.
  • Freeze drying works by freezing and then reducing the surrounding pressure to allow the water in the product to change directly into water vapour - the result is great, fresh-tasting fruit and vegetables which make the perfect healthy snack.
  • For images to illustrate the Week please contact Su.
  • National Vegetarian Week (NVW) is now in its twenty-third year.
  • The Vegetarian Society is a registered charity.
  • For more info and images on ‘Nothing But’ please contact




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