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Let’s get this party started!
Tried and tested snacks and sweet treats

5 December  2016


sweet treats and snacks

Are you thinking of having a party this Christmas? Or getting a few friends together over the festive season? Perhaps you’re planning a cosy Boxing Day under the duvet with a mug of hot chocolate and that long anticipated boxset you got in your stocking? Whether it’s a big or small gathering, as the Christmas season kicks in and winter brings those long nights,  it’s the perfect time to gather a few nibbles, snacks and sweet treats, ready to share  - or maybe not - but what veggie delights are in the shops?

To help you discover what’s on the shelves for the festive season, the Vegetarian Society invited some of its members along to a taste-testing panel to give their thoughts on a few of the snacks and sweet treats around for Christmas. So here’s the panel’s verdict on veggie and vegan sweet treats and snacks that could make up your very own seasonal selection box.

Our party food selection box:

V-Bites 48 Piece Party Pack*

 v bites
Our panel said:
“A great looking party platter! I don’t know where to start.” “A clear favourite for me – I’d buy this for a party.” “Good selection.” “Would be good at a party.”

Available from:   Price: £12.99 Vegan

Liberation Nuts
•    Fairtrade Chilli and Lime Cashews with Peanuts and Corn
•    Nuts, Pear, Dark Chocolate and Ginger.

Liberty nuts


Our panel said:
“Salty and spicy too!” “Lots of variety.” “A burst of textures.” “Love it!”
““A good selection of fruits, nut and chocolate.” “Nice textures and contrast.” “Liked the very strong ginger.”

Available from:   Price: £0.90  Vegan

Fry’s – Cocktail sausage rolls


Our panel said:
“Good crunch.” “Classic sausage roll.” “Good and chunky.” “Great substitute for those who miss a sausage roll.”

Available from: Morrison's/Ocado/Holland and Barrett   Price: £3.49  Vegan

Jealous Sweets – Christmas Cracker Mixed Sweets *

Jealous sweets
Our panel said:
“Looks very attractive and fun. Glad to see this sort of sweet without gelatine.” “Great range of flavours. Sweet, sour and delicious.” “Very exciting!”

Available from:   Price: £8.99  Vegan


Primal Pantry *
•    Cocoa Orange Paleo Bar
•    Mixed Berries Paleo Bar

 primal pantry


Our panel said:
“A brilliant light , tasty snack-brilliantly balanced.” “Great explosion of flavours.” “Would have this with a black coffee.” “Good taste of dates.” “One to eat on a long hike over Xmas.” “Tempting!”

Available from: Ocado  Price: £1.49  Vegan


Jelly Bean Factory – Christmas Jelly Bean Selection.*

Our panel said:
“Very tasty and fruity.” “Good festive flavours.” “Delicious perfect stocking fillers!” “ Very festive and tempting.” “I’ll be buying lots of these.”

Available from:   Price: £8.62


Divine Fairtrade
•    Chocolate with Spiced Cookies


Our panel said:
“Wow! Great chocolate with a fantastic crunch.” “Very good, smooth with crispy bits.” “Creamy chocolatey taste.” “ Nice with a bit of a kick.”

Available from:  Price: £2.19

(*Indicates that these products carry the Vegetarian Society Approved Trademark)

For more of a lowdown on seasonal ready-made products in the shops this Christmas head to  Where you’ll also find tips on having a veggie Christmas and if you fancy donning an apron, the Vegetarian Society have created the delicious Festive Flavours recipe collection available to order free online or by calling 0161 925 2000.

The Vegetarian Society is a national charity that influences, inspires and supports people to embrace and maintain a vegetarian lifestyle. Being a vegetarian is a choice that is kinder to animals, to people and to our planet. Visit for more information.

Notes to editors
•    For pictures of the products or for vegan and veggie Christmas recipes and images please contact Su on or  0161 925 2000.
•    Recipes and images also available via this dropbox folder
•    A vegetarian does not eat any meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish or crustacea, or slaughter by-products. Visit the website for lots more information
•    For products accredited to use the Vegetarian Society Approved Trademark look at


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