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Boost your body and get Unstuffed in 2016

4 January 2016




Feeling sluggish, stuffed and overindulged after the seasonal festivities? Hardly surprising as research in 2014 showed we actually eat twice as much as we think we do on Christmas Day - a whopping 6,000 kcal!  Add to that lots of sofa time with a short walk to the fridge now and again and you can see how the problems start. As 2016 begins, it’s time to get Unstuffed and try a delicious eating plan during January, designed to get you back on track - feeling refreshed, nourished and glowing with health from the inside out. All five week-long menu plans contain a mouth-watering collection of inspirational vegetarian meals and snacks varied to meet different tastes and food preferences. Start your new year as you mean to go on and get Unstuffed! Visit for meal plans, recipes, information and more.

Unstuffed is bought to you by the Vegetarian Society who commissioned expert nutritionists to develop each of the menus to ensure they are nutritionally balanced and provide all the nutrients necessary for optimal health. All the recipes have been designed for two people and if you don't want to follow each weekly menu plan then you could browse the recipes to find tasty ‘meat-free’ meal ideas for a few nights each week.Meat-reduction is a hot topic at the moment, so more and more people are curious about the difference a vegetarian diet might make to their vitality and well-being.

Lynne Elliot, Chief Executive of the Vegetarian Society, said: "Unstuffed is a collection of nutritionally balanced meal plans that show a meat-free diet can provide all the nutrients you need. These colourful, imaginative recipes are not only nourishing but delicious too. With over 200 on-trend recipes and snacks, you are sure to discover new family favourites that you'll want to return to again and again."

Unstuffed has weekly meal plans packed with vibrant and exciting nutritionally balanced plant-based eating – whether it’s breakfasts, snacks, main meals or desserts, they’ll help to refresh your system. Here’s a small taster:

Top five Unstuffed breakfast ideas – after all a good breakfast is the best way to start your day!

A good breakfast can keep you full through to lunch and help avoid grabbing quick convenience snacks that may be loaded with sugar or saturated fat. Opting for a mix of protein, wholegrain carbohydrate, healthy fats and a couple of servings of fruit and veg is a winning combination. Breakfast can get a little repetitive so here are our top five breakfast ideas to inspire your first meal of the day! You can find more food ideas in our new Unstuffed meal plan.

1. Greek yoghurt with dried apricots and toasted hazelnuts  

2. Mixed berry, ginger and oat breakfast smoothie 

3. Scrambled turmeric tofu with spinach and cherry tomatoes 

4. Fruit salad with chopped nuts and toasted seeds 

5. Avocado with lentil sprouts  

Top ten Unstuffed vegetarian sources of iron – get the knowledge!

Most people get around 75% of their iron from vegetarian sources. Getting enough iron in your diet is important for healthy red blood cell production with low levels resulting in tiredness and fatigue, and in some cases low intakes may lead to iron deficiency anaemia. Our new Unstuffed meal plans have all been nutritionally balanced to supply all the essential micronutrients essential for good health.(Current daily targets are set at 14.8mg for women and 8.7mg for men)

Food                    Portion size Iron content

Fortified breakfast cereal50g        5.8mg

Lentils (cooked)               180g        4.3mg

Quinoa (cooked)               180g         2.7mg

Tahini                        25g          2.7mg

Chickpeas (boiled)       120g     2.5mg

Edamame                  80g         1.8mg  

Cashew nuts                 25g       1.6mg

Dried apricots             40g       1.6mg

Kale                                  80g        1.4mg

Tofu                          100g 1.1mg

Top five Unstuffed snacks – avoid the slump and bring on a boost!

Making sure you have a good supply of healthy nutritious snacks to hand is a useful way to avoid mid-morning and mid-afternoon energy slumps whilst also boosting your nutrient intake. However, coming up with interesting ideas that don’t involve hummus and carrot sticks can sometimes be a challenge!  Here are our top five healthy snacks for getting Unstuffed. You can find more food ideas in our new Unstuffed meal plans.

1. Mashed avocado with coriander, seeds and oatcakes 

2. Homemade kale chips

3. Brazil nuts and toasted pumpkin seeds 

4. Broccoli with tahini and paprika dip 

5. Apple slices with almond butter 

The Vegetarian Society is a charity that influences, inspires and supports people to embrace and maintain a vegetarian lifestyle. Being a vegetarian is a choice that is kinder to animals, to people and to our living planet. Established in 1847, we are the oldest vegetarian organisation in the world. Visit for more information.


Notes to editors

•For more information about Unstuffed - contact Su on 0161 925 2000.

•A vegetarian does not eat any meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish or crustacea, or slaughter by-products. Visit the website for lots more information

• is available now.

•Images from Unstuffed week one are available from this Dropbox link

 •Unstuffed is a meal plan which meets macro and micro nutrients based on a 2000 kcal intake. 

•Unstuffed is bought to you by the Vegetarian Society who commissioned registered dietitian Diana Hawdon and registered nutritionist Rob Hobson to develop each of the menus. 


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